Who We Are

We are knowledge managers who bring people, processes, and technology together.  We are experts in enhancing people skills, while leveraging technology to facilitate knowledge sharing and communication.  We are expert listeners and communicators who are able to facilitate improvement in organizational culture.

Michelle Farabough 

Prior to starting KMRM Consulting, LLC, Michelle was managing partner for over 15 years at Farabough & Co., where she created custom multi-media marketing and communication solutions for universities, international corporations, and non-profit organizations. She has spoken at both local and international conferences on the topic of improving interpersonal and organizational communication with enhanced emotional intelligence. Michelle is a committee member for the International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM). Committee assignments include Web 2.0 and Knowledge Management; Enterprise 2.0 and Social Networking Software; and Strategic Knowledge Management.

As Assistant to the Publisher and Creative Director for Tulsa People and Intermission magazines, Michelle assisted non-profit and for-profit organizations in the mass communication of their message. The resultant knowledge sharing was an integral part of her responsibilities and enhanced by her award-winning writing, design and marketing. 

At KMRM Michelle continues to focus on helping organizations improve communication with emerging, interactive technologies, including wikis and other social media.  She excels in finding cost-effective and innovative solutions for improving an organization's culture while satisfying its knowledge sharing needs.

Steven D. SheltonSteven D. Shelton

Steven is widely recognized as an active proponent and skilled designer of web tools, interfaces and applications using open source software (OSS). Currently he is web services librarian at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith.

Prior to developing the KMRM Consulting website, he served as the information system coordinator at Eastern Oklahoma District Library System and then digital/learning special projects resident at the Kansas State University Libraries, where he developed the Kansas Aerial Photography Initiative (KAPI)  web interface, among other applications. Steven has spoken at local and regional conferences on the topics of OSS, social media technologies and web-based instruction tools. He is part of the O’Reilly School of Technology/University of Illinois PHP Programming Certification learners and participates in open source communities for Libstats, Citation Builder and Drupal.

At KMRM Steven is committed to meet customer-driven information system needs by designing customized, user-friendly, interactive web products. He is accomplished at administering usability studies and implementing emerging technologies to enhance an organization’s communication.