Everyday Life

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Managing Knowledge

Recently, I've been VERY busy managing knowledge--MY OWN! All my creative and reflective thoughts have been pre-empted by a gazillion projects, and an attempt to learn Dreamweaver and design the ICKM 2008 website. This year Thanksgiving comes December 8 at my house!

Currently, I'm writing a paper which discusses the differences between Zipf's theory of Least Effort and Marcia Bates theory of Berrypicking as they relate to online searching.  As far as communication and knowledge management is concerned... I AM Just Communicating!

KM = (K)eep (M)oving. Are KMers Imagineers?

I can't help but see a strong correlation between Walt Disney's "keep moving" culture and good KM:

Old school or new? Memorize or retrieve?

I'm struggling. Which is most important for a fifth-grader:  1.) to carry in one's head the obscure facts that unlike the Cherokee Indians, the Iroquois lived in longhouses and ate roots or  2.) to aquire the skill to evaluate and select authoritative online information  from websites like http://www.nativeamericans.com/ in order to access that type of information when needed?

The School of Athens is HUGE! Do you think that "big?"

The everyday, little revelations we have are usually the genesis of some of our most profound philosophies. Did the great thinkers come up with their theories this way?

I had one of those aha moments today, thanks to one of my friends and a lunch conversation we shared. While driving (when I do ALL my best thinking) this morning, I wondered how we decide which car to buy, where to live, and why we do what we do for a living.