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thanks Stewart Brower...

More on Web. 2.0 OU-Tulsa is so very fortunate to have Stewart Brower, MLIS, AHIP, as the enthusiastic and charming leader (more than a director) of our library. He has graciously agreed to post his RSS (Web 2.0) slide presentation on his "Professional Notes" blog. This serves as a good review of Web 2.0.

ALA Core Values good for KM

Although these are targeted at LIS professionals, KMers would be wise to adhere to these, as well. ALA Core Values:

Access: All information resources that are provided directly or indirectly by the library, regardless of technology, format, or methods of delivery, should be readily, equally, and equitably accessible to all library users.

2.0 phenomenon

David Gurteen has cleverly explained the 2.0 phenomenon in a powerpoint and chart comparing "World 1.0 and 2.0".  Following is a summary of information offered by the ACRL

What about Web 2.0?

KM References

Do you know about these quintessential people and things?

Authors and Researchers:

Batelle, John: “The Search”, i.e. How Google is changing the way we search for info

Buckland, Michael: “information as a thing”; leading author in LIS field, including library services, information retrieval, cultural heritages, and the historical development of Information Management; concerned with metadata, electronic retrieval vocabularies

KM Terms and Concepts:

As noted below... If you are an information professional, can you hold your own in a discussion about these topics?

Communities of Practice: self-organized, deliberate collaboration of people who share common practices and interests and want to advance their knowledge; informal networks where tips are exchanged and ideas generated; fly fishing example

More KM discussion basics

Following are major topics of discussion in KM. As knowledge professionals, can you hold your own in a discussion about these topics?

Open Access (PKP and OAJ, i.e. Stanford University, University of British Columbia, Simon Frasier Library, and Willinsky)

Sadly, the vacation is over...

It happens to all of us. The holidays. An escape from the reality of thinking... and writing... and sharing information.  The advent of a new year means a return to blogging. How soon we forget our dangling conversations, until the Doc reminds us that people are out there lurking. So, for those who are... this post is a way of promising you and myself that I'll come back from vacation.

Managing Knowledge

Recently, I've been VERY busy managing knowledge--MY OWN! All my creative and reflective thoughts have been pre-empted by a gazillion projects, and an attempt to learn Dreamweaver and design the ICKM 2008 website. This year Thanksgiving comes December 8 at my house!

Currently, I'm writing a paper which discusses the differences between Zipf's theory of Least Effort and Marcia Bates theory of Berrypicking as they relate to online searching.  As far as communication and knowledge management is concerned... I AM Just Communicating!

Old school or new? Memorize or retrieve?

I'm struggling. Which is most important for a fifth-grader:  1.) to carry in one's head the obscure facts that unlike the Cherokee Indians, the Iroquois lived in longhouses and ate roots or  2.) to aquire the skill to evaluate and select authoritative online information  from websites like in order to access that type of information when needed?