Knowledge Management

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Knowledge synthesis

What happens when you mix project management and knowledge management?

A super symposium, a room full of bright people and novel ideas, and an awareness that brings organizations to a new level of excitement about how to capitalize on their most important asset: it's people.

Do you know what you know?

Is a little known bit of information significant? Could it be a clue that solves the big picture? And how do we know what we know? Can we share knowledge if we can't recognize it... if we think it's just too insignificant?

KM and learning: separated at birth?

Today I tried to learn Dreamweaver. Wow! What an experience. It took me 7 hours and two large mochas to get past lesson number 2. But tennacity paid off. I DID learn how to create a home page AND link to pages, link to return email and link to a URL.

Through this experience I found myself not unlike one of the students of knowledge on the steps of the gathering place at the School of Athens... trying to pick up any tips I can about web design and even moreso, advice about how to be a good learner.

The School of Athens is HUGE! Do you think that "big?"

The everyday, little revelations we have are usually the genesis of some of our most profound philosophies. Did the great thinkers come up with their theories this way?

I had one of those aha moments today, thanks to one of my friends and a lunch conversation we shared. While driving (when I do ALL my best thinking) this morning, I wondered how we decide which car to buy, where to live, and why we do what we do for a living.

The Art of Knowledge Management

This page started out being a sub-page of this blog, as I was influenced by the connection I see between art and KM. I soon found out that you could not add posts to sub-pages, so... as the rest of my blog has grown and gained notoriety, I have placed these types of entries on the main page. For first timers, this page offers an interesting blend of art and knowledge management theory. Knowledge Management is an art; communication is the tool that transforms information into shared meaning and understanding.

Connecting ideas & people around the globe... one knowledge café at a time

The global links below were updated 11.1.07  This page is reserved for information and links about communication, knowledge sharing and knowledge management offered by my colleagues from around the world. It serves as an open air café... a place in which fellow gatherers are invited to add their flavor to the mix! I encourage table to table discussions about our new global economy, socially conscious corporations, Web 2.0 and the like.

From one school of thought to another...

Imagine Plato and Aristotle on the steps of the Athens Knowledge Café. They invite Socrates and Euclid to join them inside for a mocha chino and a little bit of knowledge sharing. From the School of Athens to the School of Knowledge Management... just how has the knowledge of ancient philosophers and scientists come to rest in our hands? Through communication!

This, then, is the goal of this blog: to define and discuss how we can best utilize "communication" to share our thoughts, ideas, methods, emotions, and information from one to another.

About this knowledge café

This blog offers a full blend of musings about communication, knowledge sharing and knowledge management. My goal is to openly discuss current events and controversies in the organization and communication of information and knowledge. This social media forum has been carefully prepared for you by me: a recent Masters of Science in Knowledge Management (MSKM) graduate at the University of Oklahoma, studying under Dr. Betsy Van der Veer Martens, Dr.