Enterprise 2.0 = Web 2.0 + Knowledge Management

Organizations are recognizing that they need to be innovative in order to thrive.  Enterprise 2.0 allows organizations to adapt the innovative collaboration technologies of Web 2.0 to connect people with their peers and with critical content and information.

The most valuable information within any business resides in the minds of its workers. This intellectual asset has remained relatively untapped because until now there has not been an effective way to capture this knowledge base, allow it to grow and share it company-wide.

Enterprise 2.0 moves the conversation from the lounges and hallways directly to an organization’s secure corporate network. It breaks down hierarchical barriers to innovation and idea exchange while creating an historical knowledge base of experiences and content that can be easily searched and accessed by anyone with scalable permission. It provides simpler content creation and communication tools and uses the Internet to bridge information gaps.  Workers will no longer need to spend a significant and costly amount of time each day searching for information or relying on email, conference calls or private meetings to manage projects or stay informed.

KMRM Consulting, LLC specializes in training personnel in the use of Enterprise 2.0, as well as customizing tools and applications for organizations of all types and sizes. Please contact us to request further information on the ways in which Enterprise 2.0 can benefit your organization.

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