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As busy as...

Grand Central Station? Things kind of came to a stand still there yesterday. I think this video is SO great... Talk about "knowledge management."  

Communicating on the web...

Thanks to Scott Karp and Publishing 2.0, anyone who has any hesitancy or wonderment about the 21st century journalist can now be FULLY informed!

This is NOT helvetica

This is: 

Go see it!

Run, do not walk. EVERY communication and information and knowledge advocate should.

Sadly, the vacation is over...

It happens to all of us. The holidays. An escape from the reality of thinking... and writing... and sharing information.  The advent of a new year means a return to blogging. How soon we forget our dangling conversations, until the Doc reminds us that people are out there lurking. So, for those who are... this post is a way of promising you and myself that I'll come back from vacation.

Follow up to Metacrap Happens...

The debate over authoritative and "acceptable" sources and the ability to find information continues. And the old way and new way of information seeking behavior continue to collide.

Does our information economy owe its future to sports?

Last week I looked across the table at my business partner and said, "Isn't it scarey that our whole economy is based on... well, nothing... well, at least nothing we can see?" Here we are preparing to organize, manage and secure information, yet we can't hold "it" in our hands.

Oft times knowledge comes in disguise

Sometimes it's our lack of knowledge, that when put into a new framework, becomes knowledge that is real. And valuable. And lasting. And most beneficial to Self and others in our communities of practice.  Other times it's in our failures that knowledge emerges as motivation and the needed realization that what matters most is progress, not perfection.

Knowledge can be painful. Knowledge can arrive unexpectedly. Knowledge can be a gift from our colleagues and our friends.

If nothing else, aren't knowledge managers truly archivists?

Today's thoughts were sparked by the newly released First Monday paper entitled "Machines in the archives: Technology and the coming transformation of archival reference" by Richard J. Cox and the University of Pittsburgh archives students. In the article personal computers are recognized as the catalyst for the transformation, allowing a narrowing of the gap between past and present.

Managing Knowledge

Recently, I've been VERY busy managing knowledge--MY OWN! All my creative and reflective thoughts have been pre-empted by a gazillion projects, and an attempt to learn Dreamweaver and design the ICKM 2008 website. This year Thanksgiving comes December 8 at my house!

Currently, I'm writing a paper which discusses the differences between Zipf's theory of Least Effort and Marcia Bates theory of Berrypicking as they relate to online searching.  As far as communication and knowledge management is concerned... I AM Just Communicating!