Enterprise 2.0: Moving Beyond Cheerleading

Oliver Young, Senior Analyst at Forrest Research, joined PBworks' Chris Yeh for an inspiring webinar aimed at sharing information about Enterprise 2.0: Moving from Cheerleading to Getting Real Work Done. While social media evangelists are quick to shout the benefits of using today's new media for project management and marketing, skeptics abound. This webinar and its supporting slides give some backbone to seemingly over-the-top claims that wikis, blogs, micro-blogs, instant messaging and the like will "save the day" for enterprise collaboration.

Basically, Mr. Young purports that enterprise collaboration has traditionally been document-centric and that social media allows it to become people-centric—a necessary shift for project and knowledge management. Although the slides provide excellent statistics and recommendations, it was the conversation that was most beneficial. Thanks Oliver and Chris!

Often PBworks posts its webinars on vimeo, and we certainly hope they'll do the same for this one. If and when we become apprised that they have done so, we'll post the link on this blog!