2009 KPM Symposium, One Week Later

One week later, we are still reflecting upon the 2009 KPM Symposium that took place on the OU Tulsa campus August, 12th and 13th.  We want to take a little space here to acknowledge both new and old friends and publicly thank them for their knowledge sharing.  Hit "read more" to see our list!

Dr. Betsy Martens.  Thanks for inviting us to speak on the "Innovations" track you hosted.  We appreciated the opportunity to reflect more deeply on the role of Social Media in Enterprise 2.0.

George Pitagorsky.  This year's KPM Symposium keynote speaker.  Thanks for exposing us to "The Zen of Project Management" and for sharing your thoughts about the future of Knowledge Management.

Our friends at Tulsa Technology Business Services Center.  Thanks for your interest in us and for coming to our presentation and lending us your support.

Sunny Sethi.  President and CEO of fx Nexus.  Thanks for your networking tips and for teaching us more about Microsoft Project.

Joe Colannino.  Director of Research and Development, John Zink Company.  Thanks for sharing your insights regarding "Statistically Improbable Phrases" to enhance semantic search.

Agi Lurtz.  President and CEO of Online MedSource.  Thanks for sharing your entreprenurial vision and spirit and thanks for teaching us more about business incubators.

Dennis Hull.  Thanks for all of the behind the scenes work and effort you put in to make the Symposium successful.  We enjoyed our conversations about the ways in which content management systems fit into the KM paradigm.

Padmanabha Kunderu.  IT manager at Helmerich & Payne.  Thanks for the brief but insightful conversation regarding enterprise adopting social media tools from the perspective of an IT manager.

Finally, thanks to Dr. Suliman Hawamdeh.  Professor and Director of the Knowledge Management program at the University of Oklahoma.  The KPM Symposium is his brainchild.  Thanks for being a great mentor.