Gotta love incubators!

We are preparing a presentation for this year's KPM (Knowledge and Project Management) Symposium at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa campus in August. We've been assigned to the business innovators and incubators presenters group. According to my professors I'm a "serial" entrepreneur. Better that than serial something else! However, I wish KMRM was further "incubated." Birthing is ALWAYS difficult, although rewarding. Coming up with your own angle is challenging, especially if you are tenacious to the point that you tell yourself you MUST figure it out AND succeed. Thanks, Dad... sometimes ;-)

Because of my heightened interest in the power of wikis as an innovative knowledge management tool, I continue to follow Wasabi Ventures, who brings us PB Works,  SiteBattles, Song Journals, and a list of other hit and hip internet toys. And, again... this new genre of social networking "networking" is, well, innovative! Example: I linked the Song Journals to my Facebook account where my fellow high school graduates are planning our 30th class reunion. This new "concert venue" will probably be great fun for those of us who shared junior or high school or even college together, as that is when the songs and what they said made a BIG difference in our lives.