Communicating on the web

Students from the "Design and Implementation of Web-based Services" class summarized the semester's self-initiated, self-directed group project in a presentation to the OU infrastructure committee this past Friday. I was gravely disappointed as anticipated exuberance was deflated when focus turned away from positive ways to improve the current SLIS site and utilize the web for improved convenience, expanded community, effective marketing, and social networking to misdirected confusion and criticism.

Our KM education has encouraged us to step back, look at the big picture, promote a positive culture, encourage new ideas, and facilitate change. Now I'm wondering why the disconnect? Why can't we "Just Communicate?" It was interesting to see my ICKM paper on Emotional Intelligence come to life before my very eyes, especially in light of the fact that all of us in the room are information professionals and our charge is to be leaders and educators in our field. An us vs. them mentality is rarely successful. We really "should" be able to model what we teach (preach).


Amen! (And thanks for the

Amen! (And thanks for the "slice" of chocolate pizza, by the way.... it was delicious.)