Did I miss the revelation?

People + process + technology = good KM! Did I miss something somewhere? When was KM ever NOT "a concerted effort to improve how knowledge is created, delivered and used?" When was it NOT recommended that "organizations adopt a management strategy that addresses each of those three key activities?"

A recent Wall Street Journal article--Knowledge management can make a difference—but it needs to be more pragmatic--penned by recognized leaders in the KM field, namely Tom Davenport, Laurence Prusak, and Bruce Strong, caught my eye. I thought it had been well understood for YEARS that KM is so much more than technology. Are the revelations in this article really revelations? My broker first alerted me to this article a couple of weeks ago. I, in turn, forwarded it to University of Oklahoma professor Doc Martens, then discussed it with the OU KM Department Head Dr. Hawamdeh this morning. We're all baffled that the information contained in the article is "news." It IS fabulous, though, that the management of our economy's greatest asset (knowledge) is getting the press it deserves. Hopefully this awareness will spread beyond those firms listed on the Fortune 500, and with it, increased competitive advantage and information risk management!