Follow up to Metacrap Happens...

The debate over authoritative and "acceptable" sources and the ability to find information continues. And the old way and new way of information seeking behavior continue to collide. Perhaps the two worlds, that being the real world and the academic world, are beginning to co-join thanks to Google’s Knols.  The Disruptive Library Technology Jester blog discusses its impact on the library community and information literacy classes:

"With such little information about the program, it is hard to gauge the impact Google Knols will have on libraries. At the very least, it becomes one more place users will find information on the web. Because these will be written by named authors, will instructors protest using Knols as cited references in papers as they do for Wikipedia articles? (Setting aside for the moment the question of whether it is appropriate to cite secondary sources like encyclopedia articles in research papers, of course.) Is there a new bullet point in information literacy classes here?

"On the flip side, would librarians write Knols? Perhaps, but I find it hard to imagine those of us who are public servants would be able to accept ad revenue from the effort. And perhaps that is okay."